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At Gen 5 Fertility, we recognize that the path to parenthood can be fraught with obstacles and uncertainty. That’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of options, including Egg Donation, to deliver the support and solutions you require to make your dream of starting a family a reality. Under the expert supervision of Dr. Wood, a world-renowned specialist in third-party reproduction, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way on your journey to parenthood.

Unlock the Incredible Potential of Egg Donation at Gen 5 Fertility

Egg donation is specifically designed to assist a wide array of individuals and couples, such as:
Women with low ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, and premature menopause
Couples who have undergone multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles
Couples at risk of transmitting detrimental genetic conditions
LGBTQ+ couples who need donor eggs to build their family
Understanding Egg Donation:
The Egg Donor IVF process entails obtaining an egg from a meticulously chosen donor, fertilizing it with the male partner’s or donor’s sperm, and subsequently transferring the resulting embryo into the intended mother’s uterus or that of a gestational carrier. This cutting-edge reproductive treatment boasts remarkably high success rates, enabling couples to more readily experience the joy of parenthood.
Why Choose Egg Donation Instead of Adoption?
For many, Egg Donation presents crucial benefits over adoption, such as:
A unique chance to take part in pregnancy and childbirth, fostering an intense emotional bond with the child.
Enhanced control over the prenatal environment, guaranteeing optimal care and avoidance of harmful substances.
A biological connection to the child through the male partner.
Find Your Ideal Egg Donor at YourEggs:
At Gen 5 Fertility, we collaborate with leading egg donor agencies to manage the entire process, ensuring the highest standard of care for both intended parents and egg donors. We take pride in our close partnership with YourEggs, a global frontrunner in egg donation and one of the largest egg donor banks worldwide, as well as A Perfect Match, an egg donation agency that primarily pairs intended parents with donors boasting impressive academic accomplishments.
YourEggs delivers exceptional care to both egg donors and prospective parents, offering comprehensive packages encompassing fresh or frozen full-cycle and split-cycle egg donation. Their cutting-edge egg banking facility enables women to safeguard their fertility and provides preserved donor eggs to intended parents when the time is right. Browse the diverse and extensive donor database at to discover the perfect match for your family.
Discover the Journey to Parenthood with Great Beginnings Surrogacy at Gen 5 Fertility
The Surrogacy Process: A Life-Changing Journey for Intended Parents and Surrogates
Fertility challenges can be heartbreaking for anyone yearning to have children. Dr. Samuel Wood, MD, PhD, MBA, MA, and his team of experts at Gen 5 deeply care for Intended Parents and want to ensure you feel valued and understood. We are here to guide and support you every step of the way, paving the path for you to experience a lifetime of happiness and joy that comes with parenthood.
Understanding Surrogacy and Its Purpose:
Surrogacy is a fertility treatment option in which a woman (the surrogate) carries and gives birth to a baby for intended parents who are unable to conceive or safely carry a pregnancy themselves. There are several reasons why intended parents may need the help of a surrogate mother to have a child:
• Absence of a uterus or structural issues with the uterus
• Endometriosis or advanced maternal age
• Challenging previous pregnancies or delivery complications
• Serious medical conditions that make pregnancy unsafe
• Recurrent miscarriages and repeated IVF failures
• Same-sex male couples or single men seeking to have a biological child
The Surrogacy Process at Gen 5 Fertility:
Gen 5 Fertility Center works closely with several reputable surrogacy agencies, including our trusted partner, Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services (GBSS). We are dedicated to making your dream of holding your baby a reality. The surrogacy process commences with a complimentary consultation, during which we will guide you through the necessary steps to achieve your family goals.
Great Beginnings Surrogacy is our reliable partner in assisting intended parents throughout the surrogacy journey. They carefully find your ideal match with one of their exceptional gestational surrogates. The gestational surrogates will carry your baby without any biological connection to that baby, as your child will be conceived using your eggs and sperm or those of suitable egg and/or sperm donors. Visit their website to learn more about their comprehensive and compassionate services:
At Gen 5 Fertility, our mission is to help you realize your dreams of parenthood through expert care and empathy. Contact us today to learn more about egg donation and/or surrogacy and embark on your life-changing journey.


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