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The World's First and Only Fertility Center offering ExoCell Rejuvenation Therapy.

REJUVENEXX was the first and is still the only  clinic in the United States (and, of course, the only one CLEARWATER/TAMPA ) to focus on therapeutic and research applications for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Enriched Platelet Growth Factors (EPGF) including ULTF, UNBOUND, and the UNLIMITED, all human Ovarian Rejuvenation procedures, As well as ExoCell Therapy. 

Ovarian Rejuvenation Breakdown
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Ovarian Rejuvenation

We want to simply break down the procedure of ovarian rejuvenation. This is for women who are experiencing premature menopause or early menopause, premature ovarian insufficiency, or premature ovarian failure. There is a strong chance for a successful pregnancy.

PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The PRP treatment process starts, you will have blood drawn. From there we will take your blood and separate the plasma from the red blood cells and extract the white blood cells and platelets.

Injection technology

Injection Process

The injection process is specific to how our doctors performs the injection. He will vaginal ultrasound to specifically inject the PRP into ovarian tissue targeting follicle growth. This Rejuvenation treatment is one of the best ways to maximize health, reverse aging, and strengthen eggs in the ovaries.

Finding hope again...

The video below demonstrates the first three Ovarian Rejuvenation procedures: autologous PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), EPF (Enriched Platelet Factors) including EnPLAF, and ULTRA, the most advanced ovarian injection of its kind and one offered nowhere else. All are used to improve poor human ovarian function and ovarian insufficiency resulting from ovarian aging. Specific details about each are found in this animation.

Rejuvenexx Is Leading The Change by Offering the Most Advanced Intra-ovarian Injections

And Rejuvenexx Center is directed by Dr. Samuel Wood, one of the leading fertility specialists in the world. He has helped patients from all continents have the babies they desire. Dr. Wood is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and world-renowned Fertility Specialist as well as an expert in Reproductive Genetics with over 25 years of clinical experience.

Third and Fourth Generation Ovarian Rejuvenation

Hundreds of patients have done Ovarian Rejuvenation with Gen 5 Fertility Center physicians. Generation 3 was developed using advanced new techniques and it works for a variable percentage of women with diminished ovarian reserve depending on their individual characteristics. We have published multiple research papers based on clinical studies giving details of the Ovarian Rejuvenation procedure and its effects. It is a near-painless procedure for virtually all women and so it almost never requires any anesthesia. It is a safe and affordable technique that gives women who have suffered for so long a chance for success. Generation 4 Ovarian Rejuvenation is our latest treatment strategy and is specifically designed for women who are reproductively older, those with very low levels of AMH, and those with no or very low Antral Follicle Count (AFC). Although most of our work focuses on aging and rejuvenation and our work to improve success rates, other study designs stress other benefits of attempting to restore ovarian function. Soon, much more information about this groundbreaking technique will be available.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Solutions

We offer this as an enhancement of the original PRP protocol pioneered in Greece. It is a quite safe and relatively new procedure in which platelets, platelet-derived growth factors or both are placed inside the ovaries in the areas that typically contain eggs. This is achieved by a near-painless injection through the top of the vagina under direct ultrasound guidance. Only very rarely is anesthesia required.
If the ovarian response is improved, then In addition to other ways these techniques might be helpful, Ovarian Rejuvenation may ovarian function by stimulating ovarian stem cells so that they develop into eggs. If the number and/or quality of the oocytes (eggs) available for IVF is improved, the chance of pregnancy may also be improved and the need for donor eggs is reduced.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Solutions
Members of our team worked on the first registered “Ovarian Rejuvenation” human research study in the United States, as listed with ClinicalTrials.gov.
To date, our group has safely completed hundreds of ovarian PRP injections using established methodologies, including some with precision laboratory support from speciality laboratories.
Because ovarian PRP and Enriched Platelet Factor infusions involve the use of a patient’s own platelets, rather than donor platelets, there is no risk of cell rejection or graft-versus-host reaction. The procedure is almost always well tolerated and there have been no adverse events or complications associated with either of these procedures as performed using our proprietary method, one used by no other fertility specialist in the world.
Below we answer many of the questions we have received about this revolutionary technology from patients throughout the world.
We know it can be hard!

If you are really frustrated trying to become pregnant and feel it may be impossible because you have been told:

– you are “too old”
– your AMH is “too low”
– your FSH is “too high” or your eggs are “low or poor quality”
– you “don’t make enough” of them
– that all of “your embryos are abnormal,”
We may have the perfect solution for you, one you won’t be able to find elsewhere in the world. Ovarian Rejuvenation!
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