Shoulder Arthritis

Rejuvenexx procedures are non-surgical alternatives that use precise image-guided injections of your body’s own natural healing agents to treat shoulder injuries.

Shoulder arthritis impacts nearly 25% of adults, yet many of the other treatments still used today deliver less than ideal results. Research has shown that surgery is unreliable and that commonly used nonsurgical alternatives can do more harm than good. For example, steroids can break down cartilage 1 and kill cartilage cells in arthritic joints. 2
Shoulder joint anatomy graphic with labels.

Shoulder joint anatomy – arthritis pain

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Treating Shoulder Arthritis Without Surgery

Rejuvenexx patients benefit from reduced pain and improved function, helping them avoid shoulder surgery.

Does Surgery Prevent Shoulder Arthritis?

A 2015 study looked at 100 shoulders 13 years after they were treated surgically. The research found that the operated shoulders had just as much arthritis as that reported by other studies in patients who didn’t get surgery. 3

Moreover, shoulder replacement is a major surgery involving amputation of the shoulder joint and insertion of a prosthesis. Such an invasive surgery involves a long recovery time and the risk for serious complications. In addition, 40% of shoulder replacements in patients younger than 55 fail within 10 years. 3

Rejuvenexx Procedures for Shoulder Arthritis

Rejuvenexx procedures for degenerative arthritis of the shoulder joint can be a better alternative for people looking to avoid surgery, lengthy recovery, and overuse of prescription pain medication. Best of all, Rejuvenexx procedures spare normal body biomechanics helping you to remain active for your lifetime.

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