Infertility Evaluation
Find the Reason Why
At Gen 5 Fertility, we will pinpoint the reasons behind your infertility. With only 5% of infertility being unexplained, we have the tools to give you clear answers as to why you may be infertile.

Predisposed History

A detailed look at your personal and family history. We will search for possibly hereditary reasons behind your infertility.


Physical Exam

Your physical exam will generally be a focused exam and will include a detailed ultrasound as well as important blood tests that provide with more information about how to help you achieve the fertility you desire.


Male Infertility

A semen sample is provided to our office for a complete semen analysis. Sperm are analyzed in several ways. If sperm DNA fragmentation is suspected, more detailed testing will be performed by our research colleagues off site.

In Vitro Fertilization Evaluations In A San Diego IFV Clinic
As of 2022, only 5% of infertility is unexplained. We’ve been able to develop tools and do research to show what difficulties may be occurring, and we know more about how to increase the chance of success rates.

Understanding the reason for infertility is not essential for successfully treating it, but it is very helpful. We advise individuals to have an IVF treatment evaluation specifically so that you can have exact information on what is causing infertility and if certain processes can aid with your personal situation.
Understanding Infertility

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In Vitro Fertilization Evaluations In A San Diego IFV Clinic
Depending on the reason behind infertility, we can determine what aspects can best help you have a successful pregnancy, whether by yourself or utilizing surrogacy options. To find what causes your individual situation, we take a detailed look at your personal medical history and family history as soon as your first visit. This helps determine any hereditary reasons behind your infertility.

The process includes a physical exam that will generally include a detailed ultrasound as well as important blood tests that provide more information about how fertility treatment options can help you.

In applicable cases with male fertility, we request a semen sample to be provided to our office for a complete analysis. At Gen5 Fertility, sperm is analyzed in several ways. For example, if our fertility specialists suspect sperm DNA fragmentation, more detailed testing will be performed by our research colleagues off-site.

Below are some of the many procedures in our infertility evaluation that we do to determine the cause(s) of infertility. This is not a complete list as certain difficult cases require additional compassionate care and examinations, which we discuss in detail with those who request or require them.
Infertility Evaluation Services
Hormone Evaluation
This procedure is a series of blood tests performed at our office on specific days of the menstrual cycle. Hormone assessments can identify abnormalities in the pituitary, thyroid, or adrenal function, as well as give indications of the health or any disturbance in ovarian function. It can be important to identify any hormone abnormalities on your fertility journey as it can determine the health of your reproductive system.
Ovarian Reserve Test
These fertility care checks include a blood test performed at our office to measure anti-Müllerian hormone, or AMH, and follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH, levels. Levels of AMH remain relatively constant throughout your cycle. Because of this, AMH can be checked on any day of the month, unlike some other fertility treatments.

AMH is produced by the granulosa cells within the ovaries and their levels reflect the size of your remaining egg supply. A higher AMH indicates a larger amount, and it is released over time as you have naturally diminished ovarian reserve and low AMH.

This test can help estimate “ovarian age,” which is the most important factor affecting the chance to achieve pregnancy.​ The preferred levels of hormones allow for much easier conception and pregnancy, and certain treatment options help this specifically.

We know how tough infertility is.

Each fertility doctor at our location is able to help you have an evaluation for what could be causing your infertility difficulties and develop a treatment plan, whether that involves additional genetic testing, sperm freezing or egg freezing, utilizing donor eggs and IVF, or receiving reproductive medicine to have fertility preservation.

An initial consultation with us can help start the process in using our state of the art equipment to determine what fertility challenges you’re experiencing.

If you have been frustrated trying to become pregnant and have heard you’re too old, your AMH is too low, or your embryos are abnormal, Gen5 Fertility has the ability to determine what fertility treatment options are best for you.
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