Procedure Questions

What do I need to do before having Ovarian Rejuvenation?

The best medical advice to follow is to get baseline lab tests before you arrive, and more importantly, to avoid aspirin compounds for at least two weeks before your appointment. This applies to both PRP and EPF (EnPLAF), because both treatments depend on platelet health and aspirin has a harmful effect on platelets. The medications you are taking will be assessed and you may be placed on pretreatment medications before you come to Gen 5. you may receive other special instructions. Your Ovarian Rejuvenation coordinator will discuss all of these things with you so that you feel fully comfortable.

What’s the cut-off age for Ovarian Rejuvenation?

It depends on the reason you’re interested in Ovarian Rejuvenation. When done for reproductive purposes, a hormonal panel and ultrasound, among other things, are performed. We understand that each woman goes through their reproductive life at a different rate. Once we have the information from these tests, we will discuss your options and chance of success with you. If you are doing Ovarian Rejuvenation in an attempt to alleviate menopausal symptoms, the general cut-off age is 59. Please contact us and schedule a consultation to receive personalized recommendations and plans.

Can I still consider Ovarian Rejuvenation if my periods are irregular or have stopped?

Yes. There are many potential causes for menstrual irregularity. We will help you learn what your situation is and let you know your options. We recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our physicians and have an evaluation your situation

How effective is Ovarian Rejuvenation for fertility purposes? How should its effectiveness and success be evaluated?

As noted in multiple scientific studies from our institution, many patients have seen a substantial increase in their AMH levels after Ovarian Rejuvenation. Increases in AMH are associated with increased numbers of eggs which is associated with increases in pregnancy rates. On all patients, we follow AMH and FSH over time after they receive a procedure. We publish this data on a routine basis.

What’s special about Gen 5’s Ovarian Rejuvenation as compared to Ovarian Rejuvenation at other centers?

Gen 5 Fertility is the world leader in ultrasound-guided Ovarian Rejuvenation. No other center has published as extensively about Ovarian Rejuvenation or reported doing as many cases as we have. We care deeply about Ovarian Rejuvenation and have made multiple changes to how the procedure is done to improve its effectiveness.
While a few other centers offer Generation 1 (PRP) of Ovarian Rejuvenation, they do not publish their data or report how they do this procedure. That is unfortunate because patients don’t have the information they need to make a good decision. We provide detained information about what we do because we know that some patients who need Ovarian Rejuvenation will not be able to travel to see us and we want them to be able to experience the possible benefits that come when the procedure is done correctly.

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