Infertility Treatments
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Selecting the Right Infertility Treatment.
As is true for virtually all problems we face in life, there is more than one way to approach solving them.

At Gen 5 Fertility, we believe that you should fully understand all of the infertility treatment options that are available to you before you decide. We respect the choice that you make and we work with you to maximize the chance that your choice will be successful. This is not about us, it is about you.
Selecting the Right Infertility Treatment.
Gen 5 Fertility has received many accolades on our science behind the treatments we offer. Our Doctors are global leaders in fertility. At Gen 5, you’re in good hands.
Infertility Treatment Types
Is IVF Safe for Me?
General IVF Treatment FAQs
What’s the cut-off age for IVF?
There is no specific cut-off age for IVF. All women are different. Some go through irreversible menopause at an early age while others remain fertile long after the average woman has entered menopause. We treat every woman as an individual and do not create meaningless artificial cutoffs.
What tests do I need to complete before IVF treatment?
There are several tests that may be needed prior to fertility treatment. The tests chosen are individualized for you. You may have already done some of these tests recently. If you are able to provide your recent test results, we are pleased to accept them. We do not want you to repeat any tests unnecessarily. Contact us for detailed information.
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